Major Reasons For Blocking Google Adsense Account

Google provide all the facilities to their users. You should also be honest with Google. If you will have to follow terms and conditions of Google Adsense so, you will easily get Google Adsense account.

Most of the people make major mistakes on their website or blog, due to which their accounts are blocked.

Following are the reasons for blocking Google Adsense account:

1. Do not ask to anyone to click on ads of your blog or website.

2. Never publish Google Ads and Google Competitions at the same page simultaneously.

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3. Don't put your Google Ads on Registration Pages, Confirmation Page and You Thanks.

4. Never click on your own ads even if the website you want to check or you are thinking of buying that product.

5. Do not write words around Google Ads that cheat users like Down Click, Me Click because Google can easily understand all these words. You can write as much as Ads Google, by Sponsered, Advertisements.

6. Never change the Google Adsense code on your own. Only change the parameters that allow Google to change.

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