Important Tips for SEO To Write a Post | On Page SEO

If you are writing a post for your blog or website so, you must follow these tips. These tips includes in On Page SEO. These tips is very important for your blog or website in SEO.

Important Tips For SEO To Write a Post

1. You must add a link of your previous posts or websites on your post. But keep in mind link must be related to your article. Link must be according to your post whatever you write.

2. Used keywords in your every post and italic/bold the important keywords in some sentence. If you do like this so, it seems that you use these words as a keywords. You must used 1 or 2 heading in your every article. h2 tags is best in html for heading.

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3. If you have written the article and you are going to publish your post. At that time you must add the tags in your post. If you have a website so, there is a tag box in post option and you are working on blogger so, there is a label. Use these label as a tag. Tags is very useful for SEO.

4. Make links on your website or blog and you must add the links of others. Keep in mind links must be related to your post and links should not be too large.

5. Your article consists of 200 or 500 words

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