Get 100% Visitors in Your Website for Earning

It is necessary to get good earning from Google AdSense that you must have to understand Google Strategy that how Google wants to be your website and what should you do to get international rank.
Following are the points to get 100% visitors for earning.

Get 100% Visitors for Earning

1. At the time of creating a website you must care about that this website is designed to provide services not for earning. If you create a website for earning so you will only check earning from Google AdSense Account. Make your website too good so that more visitors get happy and click on your ads.

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2. At the time of creating a website you must add 3 meta tags on your page keywords, description and keyphrase because of these meta tags your website appears in the search engine. This will increase the ranking on the search engine as well as increase the earning.

Note: Use those keywords which is related to your website or blog.

3. This is not only important to create a website, the real thing is their Advertisement because when we make a website we only know about it and we encourage it to tell others so that more and more people come in our website. In this way impression and clicks will increase.

4. User is biggest source of the success of website but we forget here what kind of user is it?

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Silvy | Type and Seek said...

This was a very insightful and helpful article! Thanks for breaking down how tog et this visitors. Unique visitors counts a lot when it comes to blogging!