Increase Income of Google Adsense for Your Blog

Whoever the user of Google Adsense makes the account on Google so it’s his/her will to increase the income of Google Adsense quickly. If your blog is new so people don't know about it. At that time, you have to approve your blog on internet so that your traffic is increased. You have to enter your blog on different directories to increase income of Google Adsense which I have discussed in other post. Anyway following are the tips to increase income of Google Adsense for your blog:
Increse Income of Google Adsense

1- Increase Traffic of Your Blog:

Most important way to increase the income of Google Adsense is that you have to increase the traffic of your blog. In this way you will get more clicks on the ads of Google Adsense by having more traffic on your blog and that will increase the page impression of your blog.

2-Adjust Ads of Google Adsense on Your Blog: 

Adjust the ads of Google Adsense according to the colors of your blog. If background of your blog is white so you must keep background of ads in white color. If color of links on your blog is red so you must keep title of ads in red color.

3- Adjust Size of Ads on Your Blog:

According to the statistics of Google Adsense, ads of 300 x 280, 250 x 250, 728 x 90 px gives more CTR than others. It means that these will become the center of people's interest so that users will clicks more on them. Adds of 728 x 90 px is mostly used in those ads which is full of images.

4- Use Expensive Keywords on Your Blog:

Use appropriate and powerful keywords in your blog. In this way adds of famous and excellent companies will give their ads to add on your blog. As a result, you will get more money as per click.

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