Important Terms and Definitions of SEO for Your Blog

SEO is very important for you blog. If you want to increase position of your blog in SEO so you have known about these terms and definitions for SEO. Following are the important terms and definitions for SEO.

Terms and Definitions of SEO

1. Title:

Title of your blog is very important for SEO. Title of your blog is not too long. Title of your blog is short that it defined the whole summary of your blog. Visitors understand about the topic of your blog by reading the title of your blog.

2. Meta Tags:

Meta Tag is like the keywords of your blog. It is the instructions for SEO by the admin of blog. Meta Tags defines the content of your blog and involving keywords in your blog. Meta Tags is also precious for SEO because whenever users search the word in the search engine so that your blog should be involve in the competition of those websites which contains the Meta Tag of that word.

3. Content:

The content of your blog should be unique that it is easily understood by the visitors. If your blog has only unique content so that your blog can be involve in the list of famous websites in the SEO and it will be shared by others. SEO gives more importance to unique contents of any blog.

4. Back Links:

Back Links are important term in the light of SEO. It means that link of your site into other websites. Your blog link should be more and more in different websites. SEO increases the rank of only these blogs in its search results. It is important that link of your website should be in those websites which is famous and having top position in SEO.

5. Page Rank:
It tells about ranking of your blog. Maximum page rank is 10/10 and minimum page rank is 1/10. If your blog has high page rank, then your blog will be famous and valuable in the light of SEO.


This term might be new one for you but it is very important for SEO. It means that SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE. Your blog should have better position in SERPS.

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