Easiest Way to Remove a Gadget From Your Blog But Not Permanently

There are many ways to  remove a gadget from blog but the easiest way is given below:
Remove a Gadget From Your Blog
If you want to remove a gadget for a few days but not permanently so, follow these steps:

1. Firstly, view your blog and press right click on your blog and select "Inspect" or press "Ctrl+Shift+I".
2. Inspect element will be open. Then press "Ctrl+Shift+C" and then select the gadget whatever you want to remove.
Note that select the full gadget.
3. If you have selected then copy the id name of your gadget from the inspect element like id="Your Gadget id Name".
4. Open your blogger dashboard and select the "Theme" from your dashboard and then click on "Edit HTML".
5. Press "Ctrl+f" and paste the "id" of your gadget. in the "Search" box. Also write the "#" before your id of your gadget in the search box like "#Your Gadget id Name".
6. The id of your gadget will be highlighted at the current window.
7. Write the "display: none;"  after your gadget id name like:
   #Your Gadget id Name {
   display: none;
8. Click on the "Save theme" button at the upper side of your window.
9. If you want to display the gadget again on your blog so, just delete the "display: none;" where you paste and click "Save theme" button.

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