What is SEO and its Advantages

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a modern creation of Google. SEO enables the websites in any search engine in the better position according to the search of users. SEO set the position of websites in any search engine like Google and etc. Positions of websites in SEO depends upon high and unique contents of websites as well as visitors on the websites. You can easily find your data according to your search. Whatever you search from search engine, SEO gives you the list of websites that depends on the rank of websites. Basic function of SEO is to crawl and index the websites in the search engine.


Following are the points to which SEO works on websites.

1. Websites should have unique and attractive contents.
2. More and more visitors should be visit on daily basis.
3. Contents of websites should be their own.
4. Websites should become the need of users.

Advantages of SEO:

1. With the help of SEO you can add your website in competition of famous websites.
2. SEO works very fast whatever you search in any search engine.
3. You can earn money with the help of SEO.

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