What is Google and Google Adsense?

Basically Google is a search engine and Google provide a platform to search all the information whatever you want. With the help of Google, you can reach to all those websites in which all the data is present according to your search. Although Google is not only the search engine in the world but Google is unique and famous all over the world. Most of the people used Google because it provides well informative websites according to the users.

Google AdSense

Although Google is the no. 1 search engine in the world but Google has many aspects and advantages. Google AdSense is a program which gives a platform to earn a lot of money on internet. Basically Google AdSense gives ads of different websites and companies that you can add on your websites or blogs. Google gives you a desired payment according to the click of visitors on all those ads which Google AdSense have provided you. In this way if your blog is famous and informative then you can earn thousands of money from Google AdSense. If you want to earn money with the help of Google AdSense so that it is not only need time but also hard work because there is no shortcut to earn money on internet.

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