What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger?

The word "blog" is derived from the word "Weblog". Blog is a type of your personal diary that you write on internet. There is a difference between blog and personal diary that personal diary is limited to you or a few people but blog is in front of a whole world. You can write your own information, ideas and experiences according to your hobbies and thoughts in your blog. In short, you can say that blog reflects your personality. Your blog will be same as your personal diary in which you write poems and other good words. You can also share images and videos in your blog. Summary of this whole article is that if you think that your own information and thoughts is shared by other one so that the best thing is blog. In simple words this is blogging. Keep in mind that blog is type of website.
Blog has many types like Doctors write blog on medical, Scientists write blog on technologies, writer write blog on literature, poets write blog on poems according to their own information and photographers share photos on their own blog. Even that everything happens on blog.

Google Blogger

Blogger is a service in which you publish or creates multiple blog. It is a product of google that gives you platform to create a multiple of posts and articles for your blog. It is a source to convey your messages in front of a whole world. In simple words, you can set up your blog in blogger.

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