How to Manage or Publish a Post in Blogger

If you have a Blog so you should publish a post in daily basis to increase your blog traffic. Today I want to share you to publish a great post in blogger.
Post on Blogger
1. Open your blog to sign in in

2. Click on post on the left side from navbar then click on New post on the top of the page.

3. On the top of the page there is your post title.

4. There are two sections "Compose" and "HTML". You can write your post in Compose section. if you know about HTML language then you can work on HTML section.

5. On the next line there is a multiple of option to change your font style. You can upload image and video and add some symbol to make a great post and also set the alignment of text, image and video. You can also make the list of your content for post.

6. On the right side, there is your post setting.

i. Label: You should make the category for current post. It is for the user to understand the topic of the post.
ii. Schedule:  It is for the time and date of your published post.You can change the date and time of your published post.
iii. Permalink: It is for the search engine that it becomes the title of your post in the search engine.
iv. Location: You can tell about your location to your users. Just add or set location.
v. Search Description: This option is disabled on default. Firstly, you have to enabled this option from setting of your blog. This is for search engine that it becomes the short description of your post.
vi. Option: It is divided into three parts. First is Reader comment to show your user comment or not. Second is Compose mode for HTML and the third is Line break to use enter or <br> tag.

7. On the upper right side, if your post is ready, you can Publish your post in your blog. If you want to Save your post so you can. You can also Preview of your post in your own blog. Otherwise you Close it.