How to Setup Your Blog From Mobile | Best Mobile Application

Today I will tell you about some Mobile Application through which you can easily setup your blog.
This is very helpful for you because you can easily manage your blog just from mobile. The best Android Application for blog is:

  • Blogger User Panel (New)

Android Application
This Android Application is same as your blog panel in your personal computer. You can setup all the things of your blog from mobile even that HTML code of your blog.

I am using this Android Application and I am also advising you to use it too. You can easily install this application from Google Play Store and use it.

Get 100% Visitors in Your Website for Earning

It is necessary to get good earning from Google AdSense that you must have to understand Google Strategy that how Google wants to be your website and what should you do to get international rank.
Following are the points to get 100% visitors for earning.

Get 100% Visitors for Earning

1. At the time of creating a website you must care about that this website is designed to provide services not for earning. If you create a website for earning so you will only check earning from Google AdSense Account. Make your website too good so that more visitors get happy and click on your ads.

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2. At the time of creating a website you must add 3 meta tags on your page keywords, description and keyphrase because of these meta tags your website appears in the search engine. This will increase the ranking on the search engine as well as increase the earning.

Note: Use those keywords which is related to your website or blog.

3. This is not only important to create a website, the real thing is their Advertisement because when we make a website we only know about it and we encourage it to tell others so that more and more people come in our website. In this way impression and clicks will increase.

4. User is biggest source of the success of website but we forget here what kind of user is it?

Most Beneficial Tips of SEO For Your Blog | Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is a second type of SEO in which you have to do all the task out of your blog. Following are the beneficial tips of SEO for your blog that you must apply on your blog:

1. Send the address of your blog or website to all search engines.

2. Submit the sitemap of your blog or website in Google , Yahoo and Bing.

3. Share your blog or website to all your friends in Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

4. Submit your blog in all famous directories.

5. External links are very important. Wherever you get a blog like your blog means that the topic of your blog is same as that blog so, you must give one or two comments on that blog because this makes the backlink of your blog and Google gives importance to this type of link.

Major Reasons For Blocking Google Adsense Account

Google provide all the facilities to their users. You should also be honest with Google. If you will have to follow terms and conditions of Google Adsense so, you will easily get Google Adsense account.

Most of the people make major mistakes on their website or blog, due to which their accounts are blocked.

Following are the reasons for blocking Google Adsense account:

1. Do not ask to anyone to click on ads of your blog or website.

2. Never publish Google Ads and Google Competitions at the same page simultaneously.

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3. Don't put your Google Ads on Registration Pages, Confirmation Page and You Thanks.

4. Never click on your own ads even if the website you want to check or you are thinking of buying that product.

5. Do not write words around Google Ads that cheat users like Down Click, Me Click because Google can easily understand all these words. You can write as much as Ads Google, by Sponsered, Advertisements.

6. Never change the Google Adsense code on your own. Only change the parameters that allow Google to change.

Important Tips for SEO To Write a Post | On Page SEO

If you are writing a post for your blog or website so, you must follow these tips. These tips includes in On Page SEO. These tips is very important for your blog or website in SEO.

Important Tips For SEO To Write a Post

1. You must add a link of your previous posts or websites on your post. But keep in mind link must be related to your article. Link must be according to your post whatever you write.

2. Used keywords in your every post and italic/bold the important keywords in some sentence. If you do like this so, it seems that you use these words as a keywords. You must used 1 or 2 heading in your every article. h2 tags is best in html for heading.

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3. If you have written the article and you are going to publish your post. At that time you must add the tags in your post. If you have a website so, there is a tag box in post option and you are working on blogger so, there is a label. Use these label as a tag. Tags is very useful for SEO.

4. Make links on your website or blog and you must add the links of others. Keep in mind links must be related to your post and links should not be too large.

5. Your article consists of 200 or 500 words

12 Wonderful Ideas To Make Money Online

Online business has been becoming much more popular in now a day. Many people are earning money with online business but some people have no idea about how to get money online and which business is viral in now a day. There are many business  on internet through which you can earn a lot money. Some of them are listed below:

Make money online

1. Blogging:
If you want earn thousands of money so, blogging is a best choice for you. You have to create a blog where you can share your thoughts and knowledge to all around the world. You can earn a lot of money from blogging.

2. Become an Online Seller:
If you are looking for a unique business for yourself so, you can become an online seller. You can sell the products online. You must have a selling product for that. If you have a selling product so, you can easily become an online seller.

3. Free Lancer:
This is a free website for online business through which you can provide your skill whatever you have.

4. Youtube Channel:
You can create a youtube channel for which you will have to create a youtube account on www. youtube .com on which you have to upload videos. You can easily make money by youtube channel.

5. Training and Consultancy:
If you are an expert in any art of computer so you can do business of that. You can give knowledge online whatever you have.

6. Online Network Marketing:
You can also do online marketing for different companies for which you must have product of that companies.

7. Manage Social Media Profiles:
You can also make money by making social media profiles. Some people need those who can manage their social media profiles because they don't have time to manage their own social media accounts.

8. Domain and Website Flipping:

Domain and website flipping are two different trends in which you purchase domain and website from one place and sell them in very expensive amount into another place.

9. Affiliate Marketing:
This is also a good example of online business in which you attach by different companies and you marketing their products. This is a very popular online business.

10. Outsourcing Business:
You can also earn a lot of commission with outsourcing business for which you have to do nothing just take a work from company and give to the freelancer and take a work from freelancer and give to the company.

11. Sell Photo Online:
If you are a good photographer so you can earn money by selling photos.

12. Make Money Sites: 
There are so many sites online to pay for online work. Their work of different types.

Easiest Way to Remove a Gadget From Your Blog But Not Permanently

There are many ways to  remove a gadget from blog but the easiest way is given below:
Remove a Gadget From Your Blog
If you want to remove a gadget for a few days but not permanently so, follow these steps:

1. Firstly, view your blog and press right click on your blog and select "Inspect" or press "Ctrl+Shift+I".
2. Inspect element will be open. Then press "Ctrl+Shift+C" and then select the gadget whatever you want to remove.
Note that select the full gadget.
3. If you have selected then copy the id name of your gadget from the inspect element like id="Your Gadget id Name".
4. Open your blogger dashboard and select the "Theme" from your dashboard and then click on "Edit HTML".
5. Press "Ctrl+f" and paste the "id" of your gadget. in the "Search" box. Also write the "#" before your id of your gadget in the search box like "#Your Gadget id Name".
6. The id of your gadget will be highlighted at the current window.
7. Write the "display: none;"  after your gadget id name like:
   #Your Gadget id Name {
   display: none;
8. Click on the "Save theme" button at the upper side of your window.
9. If you want to display the gadget again on your blog so, just delete the "display: none;" where you paste and click "Save theme" button.